g.o.a.t. in wolves clothing.
pics n shit.
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pac div, round-n-round - L.A.U.S.D. presents… curly tops and nautica jackets [2009]

"she asked mike ‘are you cheating?’
i said ‘yeah’ - anything to get this bitch out of my hair
dealing with her ass is like a full time career
without the vacation that comes two times a year”

i really wish these guys blew up.

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warrior king, never go where pagans go - virtuous woman [2002]

"mythology and confusion i’ll always be burning
corruption and confusion, will be thrown in the ash-bin
can’t fool rastaman with your false doctrine
your false teachings, oh what a sin ting”

man like roly bringing me in on the righteous vibrations.

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willow smith, 8 - love the free ii [2014]

never thought willow smith would make one of the best songs i’ve heard this year - what a gem.

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wu-lu f. gillian mapps - green point.

this is a mellow wave. directed by the homie denisha aka goonbag d.

some of the shots chosen in this are pretty sick. the scene in the club at the end reminds me of city of god a piece.

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The same Roger Dean landscape at two different times.

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sick, i haven’t seen some of these and i’ve been looking for a new series to watch after i finish sayanara zetsubou sensei.

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mac demarco - passing out pieces, salad days [2014]

"what mom don’t know has taken it’s toll on me"

this is my shit right now. only had this album for a week and it’s already my favorite of this year.

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today i’ve been very much in my head and scatterbrained. i’ve been trying to live mindfully, focusing on my breathing and whatever i’ve been doing, but eventually almost by like a pull of gravity i end up in my head again, lost in a myriad of thoughts. the feeling of the need to impress people keeps arising at random too. not a bad thing, but i wonder it’s trying to teach me. this is interesting cos last week i was pretty much the opposite, living in my body with full awareness conquering fears and getting shit done.

is this shift in polarity meant to bring balance, living at opposite ends of the spectrum until i meet myself in the middle and remained centered? internally it feels like im being asked “so what do you wanna do?” and i have to make a choice (or commitment) soon as far as a soldiifed direction in my life goes, so it would make sense why my head is clouded with so many questions.

blehhhh i’ve got deadlines for shit i wanna finish so i can move on with my life.

this week is going to be a turbulent one.

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everybody wants to make friends but everybody hates is scared of people. we need to let go and trust love to guide us more.

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zen put me on to this guy last night and he’s like a real life spartan or some shit.

very inspiring video.

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"and this is for colored girls…"

Preach young man


Where can I find me one of him

holy shit. He’s the type of male I would sit down and talk about stuff with for hours. this is what we need to see more of🙌

Made me cry. Absolutely beautiful

well said. something about this vid reminds me of that pac interview when he was 17 and dropping mad gems.

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mac demarco - salad days. [2014] [full album]

2k14 so far has been weak musically but someone on ktt just put me onto this album and i heavily fucks with this and thought it needed immediate sharing.

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